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Kumpulan soal dan jawaban Reading Comprehensions Test Part 1

Kumpulan soal dan jawaban Reading Comprehensions Test Part 1
Kumpulan soal dan jawaban Reading Comprehensions Test Part 1

Kali ini sanabila.com akan membahas tentang Kumpulan soal dan jawaban Reading Comprehensions TOEIC Test. Hal ini untuk menambah kemampuan dan melatih kebiasaan para peserta dalam menjawab pertanyaan-pertanyaan TOEIC. Terutama untuk menguji kemampuan Grammer dan Vocabulary anda. kumpulan soal ini juga dapat diperuntukkan untuk latihan dengan disesuaikan dengan tips dan trik yang sudah dibahas sebelumnya.
Pada kumpulan soal ini akan dibagi menjadi 5 (lima) bagian, yaitu :
  1. Kumpulan soal dan jawaban Reading Comprehensions TOEIC Test Part 1
  2. Kumpulan soal dan jawaban Reading Comprehensions TOEIC Test Part 2
  3. Kumpulan soal dan jawaban Reading Comprehensions TOEIC Test Part 3
  4. Kumpulan soal dan jawaban Reading Comprehensions TOEIC Test Part 4
  5. Kumpulan soal dan jawaban Reading Comprehensions TOEIC Test Part 5

Pada setiap bagian kumpulan soal tersebut akan ada 24-26 soal beserta jawaban.

Pada tes TOEIC yang sesungguhnya, Pada bagian test ini peserta akan menghadapi beberapa teks yang berupa surat, iklan, koran, artikel dll. Pada setiap teks akan mengandung 1-4 pertanyaan yang harus dijawab oleh peserta. Jumlah soal pada sesi ini adalah 40-48 soal. Peserta harus memahami dan mengerti maksud dan tujuan dari teks tersebut sebelum menjawab pertanyaan. 

Berikut ini adalah beberapa kumpulan soal dan jawaban yang ada pada salah satu bagian dari Reading Comprehension Pada tes TOEIC yaitu tes Reading Comprehensions part 1 yang terdiri dari soal no 1-26.

Questions 1-2 refer to the following notice.
Becksvoort Gallery is holding a
in the Grand Ballroom at the Hotel Luxe
299 Norman Street, Melbourne
Come and see our range of exquisite pieces.
Original oils * Watercolors * Tapestries * Crafts
Friday, July 15
8:30 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.
For descriptions and pictures of select items
visit our Web site at http://www.becksvoort.com/market.

What is the purpose of the notice?
(A) To announce a sale of artwork
(B) To advertise the opening of a hotel
(C) To offer a discount on painting lessons
(D) To publicize a photography exhibition
According to the notice, what can people do online?
(A) Purchase selected items
(B) Order tickets to an event
(C) Register for art classes
(D) View some pieces of art

Questions 3-4 refer to the following notice.
Attention Animal Lovers
The Belfry Animal Reserve is holding its unique annual fund-raising event. There will be all sorts of fun attractions and ALL the money goes towards helping the animals. Come and see our birds of prey, exotic species and farm animals. At our kennels, we have many adorable cats and dogs who have been abandoned and are now looking for new caring homes.
Saturday May 10
For further details on events, school visits,
volunteering and donating, visit www.belfry.com

What is the main purpose of the notice?
(A) To advertise a local animal reserve
(B) To announce a special event
(C)  To rescue abandoned animals
(D) To educate schoolchildren
What can people do while at the event?
(A) Buy a bird
(B) Feed a farm animal
(C) Get a pet
(D) Abandon an animal

Questions 5-9 refer to the following notice and table.
Date: September 18
Notice to all employees:
In order to increase speed and efficiency, the management has decided to reduce the level of service on some routes. Starting November 6, stops will be eliminated from several of our routes. In addition, meal services will no longer be offered on new direct routes with no intermediate stops. 
Eliminating these stops from our routes will allow us to introduce new high-speed express cars and phase out obsolete cars, some of which have been in service for 30 years.
The delay in implementing the change was in large was due in large part to the necessity of obtaining approval from the State Transportation Authority this summer, in the face of opposition from key members of the state legislature and the public.

No Old Service                                         New Service
1 Greenville-Raleigh-Cary-Durham         Raleigh-Durham
2 Durham-Greensboro-Winston-Salem         Durham-Greensboro-Salem
3 Charlotte-Salisbury-Greensboro                 Charlotte-Greensboro
4 Raleigh-Sanford-Fayetteville-Wilmington Raleigh-Fayetteville-Wilmington

Who probably wrote the announcement?
(A) A railroad engineer
(B) A government official
(C) The head of operations
(D) The chief accountant
Why have the routes been changed?
(A) To cut costs
(B) To introduce new equipment
(C) To respond to public opinion
(D) To reduce passenger demand
 When will the change take effect?
(A) Immediately 
(B) In September 
(C) In November
(D) During the summer
What is suggested about public opinion?
(A) It is opposed to the changes.
(B) It has no interest in the railroad.
(C) It is in favor of the upgrade.
(D) It wants costs to be cut.
On which routes will meal services be eliminated?
(A) 1 and 2 
(B) 1 and 3 
(C) 1 and 4
(D) 2 and 4

Questions 10-12 refer to the following notice.
If you are unable to work because of an extended illness or injury that is not work-related, you may be
entitled to receive weekly benefits from your employer or the firm’s insurance company.
  • To claim benefits, you must file a claim form within thirty days of the first day of your disability.
  • Before filing the claim, you must ask your doctor to fill in the “Doctor’s Statement” on the claim form, stating the period of disability.

To whom is this notice addressed? 
(A) Employers 
(B) Doctors 
(C) Employees 
(D) When paying the bill 
When must the claim form be filed?
(A) On the first of the month
(B) On the thirtieth of the month
(C) On the first day of disability
(D) Within 30 days of the start of disability
What must be done before the claim can be submitted?
(A) The employee’s company must be notified.
(B) The form must be duplicated.
(C) The Ministry of Social Welfare must be contacted.
(D) The “Doctor’s Statement” must be completed.

Questions 13-15 refer to the following article.
On Monday, Salinas Products, a large food distributor based in Mexico City, announced its plans to acquire the Pablo’s restaurant chain. Pablo Benavidez, the chain’s owner, had been considering holding an auction for ownership of the chain. He ultimately made the decision to sell to Salinas without seeking other offers. According to inside sources, Salinas has agreed to keep the restaurant’s name as part of the deal. Mr. Benavidez started the business 40 years ago right after finishing school. He opened a small food stand in his hometown of CancĂșn. Following that, he opened restaurants in Puerto Vallarta and Veracruz, and there are now over 50 Pablo’s restaurants nationwide.

What is suggested about Mr. Benavidez?
(A) He has hired Salinas Products to distribute his products.
(B) He has agreed to sell his business to Salinas Products.
(C) He has recently been·hired as an employee of a school.
(D) He has been chosen to be the new president of Salinas Products.
According to the article, where is Mr. Benavidez from?
(A) CancĂșn
(B) Veracruz
(C) Mexico City
(D) Puerto Vallarta
What is indicated about the Pablo’s restaurant chain?
(A) It was recently sold in an auction.
(B) It will soon change its name.
(C) It was founded 40 years ago.
(D) It operates in several countries.

Questions 16-19 refer to the following information.
Notice Board Space Available to Community Groups
Mooringtown Library is pleased to invite local community groups to use the free advertising space on its new notice board, located outside the front entrance of the library. Space on the board is available for up to four weeks at a time.
Notices must be approved in advance at the library’s front desk and must meet the following requirements. All content must be suitable for public display. The notice must be written or printed on standard-quality paper with dimensions of either 8.5 in x 11 in or 5.5 in x 8.5 in. The desired start and end date for display should be written in the front bottom right corner. — [1] —. Any notices that do not meet these requirements will not be consideredandwill be discarded. — [2] —.
— [3] —. Submissions are now being accepted at the Mooringtown Library front desk. Please have the actual notice, in the format in which you would like it to appear, with you when you arrive. Within one business day, you will receive a call confirming that your notice has been added to the board. — [4] —.
Mooringtown Library 

What is indicated about advertising space onthe Mooringtown Library notice board?
(A) It is available at no charge.
(B) It can be used for any length of time.
(C) It is open to all area businesses.
(D) It is intended mainly for sporting events.
What is NOT a stated requirement for a notice to be placed on the board?
(A) It must meet certain size requirements.
(B) It must be marked with posting dates.
(C) It must be reviewed beforehand.
(D) It must be signed by a librarian.
What should an advertiser bring to the library when making a submission?
(A) An outline of proposed content
(B) A final version of the notice
(C) A completed submission form
(D) A letter from an organization
 In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3],and [4] does the following sentence bestbelong?
“The name and telephone number of theperson posting the notice must be clearlymarked on the back.”
(A) [1]
(B) [2]
(C) [3]
(D) [4]

Questions 20-22 refer to the following advertisement.
Italian Food at its Finest...
The Venezia Under New Ownership
Open 7 Days, 11 A.M.–11 P.M.
Coupon 1. $2 off, Any order over $10 with this coupon. Not valid with other offers. Offer good until June 16.
Coupon 2. 50% off, Buy 1 meal, get 2nd one 50% off with this coupon. Not valid with other offers. Offer good until June 16.
Coupon 3. FREE 1 liter of soda with delivery with this coupon. Not valid with other offers. Offer good until June 16.

What is the purpose of this advertisement?
(A) To announce a change in business hours
(B) To advertise a business for sale
(C) To encourage diners to eat early
(D) To attract more customers
What will customers receive if they spend more than $10?
(A) A $2 discount on their bill
(B) 50% off their next purchase
(C) A liter of soda
(D) Free delivery service
What will happen on June 16?
(A) A new owner will take over the business.
(B) The coupons will expire.
(C) Prices will be further reduced.
(D) The business will close.

Questions 23-26 refer to the following article.
The new economy has created great business opportunities as well as great turmoil. Not since the Industrial Revolution have the stakes of dealing with change been so high. Most traditional organizations have accepted, in theory at least, that they must make major changes. Even large new companies recognize that they need to manage the changes associated with rapid entrepreneurial growth. Despite some individual successes, however, this remains difficult, and few companies manage the process as well as they would like. Most companies have begun by installing new technology, downsizing, restructuring, or trying to change corporate culture, and most have had low success rates. About 70 percent of all change initiatives fail.
The reason for most of these failures is that in their rush to change their organizations, managers become mesmerized by all the different, and sometimes conflicting, advice they receive about why companies should change, what they should try to accomplish, and how they should do it. The result is that they lose focus and fail to consider what would work best for their own company. To improve the odds of success, it is imperative that executives understand the nature and process of corporate change much better.
Most companies use a mix of both hard and soft change strategies. Hard change results in drastic layoffs, downsizing, and restructuring. Soft change is based on internal organizational changes and the gradual development of a new corporate culture through individual and organization learning. Both strategies may be successful, but it is difficult to combine them effectively. Companies that are able to do this can reap significant payoffs in productivity and profitability.

What is the article mainly about?
(A) Corporate marketing plans
(B) New developments in technology
(C) Ways for companies to increase profits
(D) How companies try to adapt to new conditions
The word “manage” in paragraph 1, line 6, is closest in meaning to
(A) correct
(B) attract
(C) handle
(D) regulate
According to the article, why do so many attempts to change fail?
(A) Soft change and hard change are different.
(B) Executives are interested only in profits.
(C) The best methods are often not clear.
(D) Employees usually resist change.
What is soft change based on?
(A) Changes in the corporate culture
(B) Reductions in company size
(C) Relocating businesses
(D) Financial markets

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