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Kumpulan soal dan jawaban Conversation TOEIC Test Part 3

Kumpulan soal dan jawaban Conversation TOEIC Test Part 3

Kali ini sanabila.com akan membahas tentang Kumpulan soal dan jawaban Conversation TOEIC Test. Hal ini untuk menambah kemampuan dan melatih kebiasaan para peserta dalam menjawab pertanyaan-pertanyaan TOEIC. Terutama untuk memahami percakapan antara dua orang atau lebih dengan menggunakan Bahasa Inggris. kumpulan soal ini juga dapat diperuntukkan untuk latihan dengan disesuaikan dengan tips dan trik yang sudah dibahas sebelumnya.
Pada kumpulan soal ini akan dibagi menjadi 5 (lima) bagian, yaitu :
  1. Kumpulan soal dan jawaban Conversation TOEIC Test Part 1
  2. Kumpulan soal dan jawaban Conversation TOEIC Test Part 2
  3. Kumpulan soal dan jawaban Conversation TOEIC Test Part 3
  4. Kumpulan soal dan jawaban Conversation TOEIC Test Part 4
  5. Kumpulan soal dan jawaban Conversation TOEIC Test Part 5
Pada setiap bagian kumpulan soal tersebut akan ada 28-33 soal beserta jawaban.

Pada tes TOEIC yang sesungguhnya, anda akan mendengarkan percakapan dua orang dan tidak tertulis dalam buku soal, sedangkan jawaban tertulis dalam buku soal.

Berikut ini adalah beberapa kumpulan soal dan jawaban yang ada pada salah satu bagian dari Listening Comprehension Pada tes TOEIC yaitu tes Comprehension part 3 yang terdiri dari soal no 62-93.

Man : Anne, please tell me if I’m getting this right. I insert the paper face down. And then I just press “start”?
Woman : Not quite. You have to choose how many copies you want to make.
What is the woman teaching the man?
(A) How to use the copier
(B) Which printer to connect
(C) Where the supply room is
(D) What type of paper to use

Woman : Mr. Anderson, the driver from the limousine service just called. Your ride to the airport is going to be late.
Man : I see. Then we’d better get a taxi here right away. I can’t afford to miss this flight.
What problem are the speakers discussing?
(A) A delayed flight
(B) An expensive limousine
(C) A late driver
(D) A car accident

Man : Good afternoon. I’ve got a delivery for Shannon Meyers.
Woman : Oh, this is Ms. Meyer s’s office, but she’s out on a business lunch with a client. Can you leave it with me?
Man : That’s no problem. I’ll need you to sign for it, just so we have proof that someone was here when it was dropped off.
Woman : Of course. If you’ll put the box by that office, I’ll get a pen.
What are the speakers discussing?
(A) A food delivery 
(B) A damaged shipment 
(C) The missing signature
(D) The arrival Of A package

Woman : Hi, I just saw a movie here. But when I got to my car, I realized I didn’t have my keys.
Man : I’m sorry. Do you think they fell out during the movie?
Woman : Maybe. But I also bought candy. So they could have fallen out when I pulled my wallet out of my purse.
Man : OK. If you still have your ticket, I can let you in to search the theater. I’ll check at the refreshment stand.
What problem does the woman have?
(A) She lost her wallet.
(B) She misplaced her keys
(C) She needs a ticket.
(D) She can’t find her car.

Woman : Mr. Anderson, is it OK if I get out of the office a little earlier than usual?
Man : Well, I’m expecting a few important phone calls. And the documents for the Howard presentation aren’t prepared. Is it an emergency?
Woman : No, its not like that. I just have to go to my optometrist because my glasses need to be adjusted.
Man : I see. I guess its all right. But make sure those documents are prepared tomorrow morning. I don’t want us making copies just before Mr. Howard arrives.
Why does the woman ask to leave?
(A) To visit an eye doctor 
(C) To make copies
(B) To place a phone call 
(D) To pick up a client

Woman : Michael, are you going to Carl’s retirement party? It’s on Friday the tenth, two weeks from now.
Man : I wish I could. But I’m meeting new clients in Mexico the day after. I’ll be getting ready for that trip.
Woman : Oh, too bad. It would be great if you could come, even if you only stayed for an hour or two.
Man: I wanted to do that. Unfortunately, because it’s a weeklong trip, I’ll need time to pack. I’ve been working on this account for a month, and I want everything to go perfectly.
How long will the man stay in Mexico?
(A) A few hours 
(B) Seven days
(C) Two weeks
(D) One month

Man : So is the meeting for 6:00 still on?
Woman : No. Mary has dinner plans at 6:30. And Tim has an appointment with his doctor
at 5:00.
Man : OK. Can everyone make it if we have it earlier?
Woman : Yes. We moved it to 4:00.
What time will the meeting occur?
(A) 4:00
(B) 5:00
(C) 6:00
(D) 6:30

Woman : Michael, I’m so sorry, but I’ll have to cancel our meeting today.
Man : Oh, that’s no problem. Should we reschedule for tomorrow?
Woman : Actually, I think next Wednesday is best. We just had a major deadline moved up
to this Friday.
Man : I understand. I’ll call you on Monday to set up a time.
When will the speakers meet?
(A) Today
(B) Monday
(C) Wednesday
(D) Friday

Man : Grace, has that shipment of lab equipment arrived? It was supposed to arrive this afternoon.
Woman : No, I’m sorry. The manufacturer called this morning and said there was a delay.
Didn’t you get my e-mail about it?
Man : I must have missed it. So when will it arrive? I need those tests completed by Friday.
Woman : The clerk I spoke with said it was coming tomorrow.
When will the shipment arrive?
(A) This morning 
(B) This afternoon 
(C) The next day
(D) By Friday

Man : Where’s that package we’ve been expecting?
Woman : Tom in the Shipping Department told me that the package won’t get to our office on time. I guess the factory was running behind schedule. So all deliveries, including ours, are stuck in their warehouse.
Where is the package?
(A) The Shipping Department
(B) The office
(C) The factory
(D) The warehouse

Woman : You’ve reached the office of Harold Crane. How can I help you?
Man : Hi, Joe Hewett speaking. I’m down in the warehouse, and I have to check with
Mr. Crane on an order.
Woman : He’s actually on his way to corporate headquarters downtown. Can I take a message?
Man : Sure. We’ve got a delivery for State Hospital. But it doesn’t say which department to send it to.
Where is Mr. Crane going?
(A) To his office
(B) To the warehouse
(C) To the city
(D) To the hospital

Questions 73 - 75 refer to the following conversation.
Man : Could you tell me where you keep the paper cups? I've looked everywhere, but I can't seem to find them.
Woman : There should be some in the cabinet over the sink. That's where we usually keep them.
Man : I already looked there. You must be all out of cups. I guess I'll have to go down to the coffee shop and get a cup of tea there.
Woman : Oh, you wanted hot drink cups, not water cups. I have some right here in the supply closet. There's sugar in here, too, if you want it, and there's milk in the refrigerator.
Man : OK, great. Thanks. Now, is there something I can use to heat the water up in?
What is the man looking for?
(A) Papers.
(B) Cups.
(C) Ink bottles.
(D) Pen caps.
Where are the things that he is looking for?
(A) In the cabinet.
(B) Under the sink.
(C) Over the sink.
(D) In the closet.
What does the man want to do?
(A) Drink some tea.
(B) Write a letter.
(C) Go to the coffee shop.
(D) Buy some sugar.

Questions 76 through 78 refer to the following conversation.
Woman :  Here's your key, Mr. Smith. You're in room three ten on the third floor. The elevator is just over there. Oh, and check-out time tomorrow is at noon.
Man : That won't be a problem. I'll need to leave here by 5:30 in the morning to catch an early flight.
Woman : Will you need a wake-up call, then?
Man : Yes, please. Could you have someone call me at 4:45? And since I'm leaving so early, I'll just go ahead and settle my bill now.
Where does this conversation take place?
(A) At home
(B) At a bank.
(C) At a hotel.
(D) At an airport.
What time does the man have to leave?
(A) 2:00.
(B) 5:00.
(C) 5:30.
(D) 10:00.
When will the man pay his bill?
(A) Now.
(B) At noon.
(C) Tonight.
(D) In the morning.

Questions 79 through 81 refer to the following conversation.
Man :  I know I'm late. I'm sorry. I left home early, but traffic was tied up all over the city because of the weather, and my bus was late again.
Woman : That may be, but this has really gone too far. It's the third time this month that you've been late. It's getting to be a bad habit with you.
Man :  I know. I'm sorry. I'll come on time tomorrow, even if it means getting up at five. I promise I'll be on time for the rest of the week.
Woman :  Let's hope so because if this happens again, we'll have to do something about it.
How does the man get to work?
(A) He walks.
(B) He takes a bus.
(C) He rides a train.
(D) He drives a car.
How many times has he been late this month?
(A) Two.
(B) Three.
(C) Four.
(D) Eight.
What will he do tomorrow?
(A) Stay until 9:00.
(B) Get to work on time.
(C) Talk to the boss.
(D) Take a rest.

Questions 82 through 84 refer to the following conversation.
Woman :  I need a screwdriver. Do you mind if I borrow yours?
Man :  Go right ahead. It's in my toolbox in the closet, but please don't forget to return it soon. I don't want to lose it, and I'll need to use it later, anyhow.
Woman : Don't worry. You'll have it back before lunch. I just need it for a few minutes to tighten up some screws on this bookshelf.
Man : Just put it on my desk when you're done. I'll use it to fix that squeaky chair before I go home tonight.
What does the woman want to borrow?
(A) Money for lunch.
(B) A screwdriver.
(C) A paperback book.
(D) A toolbox.
When will she return it?
(A) Before lunch.
(B) After lunch.
(C) In the afternoon.
(D) Tonight.
Where will she put it?
(A) In the closet.
(B) On the chair.
(C) On the man's desk.
(D) In the man's backpack.

Questions 85 through 87 refer to the following conversation.
Man :  We always start our vacation the first week of August, and we spend the whole month out of town. We've been doing this for years.
Woman :  You're lucky you can take such a nice long vacation. Two or three weeks really isn't enough, is it?
Man : No, it isn't. We're renting a house by the lake this time. I'm really looking forward to swimming everyday.
Woman : Well, to each his own, I guess. I like to spend my vacations traveling to different cities. I like to be in a different place each day.
Man : I find it more relaxing to stay in just one place. I remember when I was young, we always spent vacations at the lake. That's why I like to go there now.
How long is the man's vacation?
(A) One week. 
(B) Two weeks. 
(C) Three weeks. 
(D) Four weeks. 
When will he take his vacation? 
(A) August. 
(B) September. 
(C) November. 
(D) December. 
What will he do on his vacation? 
(A) Clean the house. 
(B) Swim. 
(C) Visit different cities. 
(D) Sit on the beach.

Questions 88 through 90 refer to the following conversation.
Woman : Could you help me choose some long-sleeved shirts for my husband? He takes a size sixteen. It's for his birthday, so I'd like to find something really nice.
Man :  Would you be interested in these? They're one-hundred percent cotton, and look how nice the details are. They're on sale this week for just 25 dollars apiece. That's a real bargain for shirts as nicely made as these.
Woman :  They're just right. That stitching around the cuffs and collars is very nice. I'll take two of the gray ones.
What is the woman buying?
(A) Shoes.
(B) Shirts.
(C) Skirts.
(D) Hats.
Which color does she choose?
(A) Green.
(B) White.
(C) Blue.
(D) Gray.
How much does she have to pay?
(A) $16.
(B) $32.
(C) $25.
(D) $50.

Questions 91 through 93 refer to the following conversation
Man :  OK, now get in the left lane because you'll have to turn left at the next intersection. That's the street that goes toward the concert hall.
Woman :  But I can't turn left there. It's one way going to the right. Don't you see the sign?
Man :  Well, now what are we going to do? We don't have time to be driving around in circles. It's already 6:45, and the concert starts in 15 minutes. I told you we should've left home earlier.
Woman : Well, look, there's an open space right here on the corner. Let's just park here and walk. It's not far. We can walk it in ten minutes easily.
In which direction does the man want to go?
(A) Left.
(B) Right.
(C) Forward.
(D) Backward.
What time is it now?
(A) 6:10.
(B) 6:15.
(C) 6:45.
(D) 7:00.
Where are the speakers going?
(A) To a ball game.
(B) To lunch.
(C) To a concert.
(D) To the park.

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