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Kumpulan soal dan jawaban Question-Respons TOEIC Test Part 4

Kumpulan soal dan jawaban Question-Respons TOEIC Test Part 4
Kumpulan soal dan jawaban Question-Respons TOEIC Test Part 4

Kali ini sanabila.com akan membahas tentang Kumpulan Kumpulan soal dan jawaban Question-Respons TOEIC Test. Hal ini untuk menambah kemampuan dan melatih kebiasaan para peserta dalam menjawab pertanyaan-pertanyaan TOEIC. kumpulan soal ini juga dapat diperuntukkan untuk latihan dengan disesuaikan dengan tips dan trik yang sudah dibahas sebelumnya.
Pada kumpulan soal ini akan dibagi menjadi 5 (lima) bagian, yaitu :
  1. Kumpulan soal dan jawaban Question-Respons TOEIC Test Part 1
  2. Kumpulan soal dan jawaban Question-Respons TOEIC Test Part 2
  3. Kumpulan soal dan jawaban Question-Respons TOEIC Test Part 3
  4. Kumpulan soal dan jawaban Question-Respons TOEIC Test Part 4
  5. Kumpulan soal dan jawaban Question-Respons TOEIC Test Part 5

Pada setiap bagian kumpulan soal tersebut akan ada 30 soal beserta jawaban. Untuk lebih lengkapnya silahkan klik link diatas.

Pada tes TOEIC yang sesungguhnya, anda hanya dapat mendengarkan baik soal maupun tiga pilihan jawaban yang akan dibacakan lansung oleh audio. Dilembar soal anda hanya akan tertulis "mark your answer on your answer sheet". 

Berikut ini adalah beberapa kumpulan soal dan jawaban yang ada pada salah satu bagian dari Listening Comprehension Pada tes TOEIC yaitu tes Question-Respons part 4 yang terdiri dari soal no 91-120.

How much did you pay for this car?
(A) Because it was used.
(B) I paid about three thousand dollars.
(C) The car needs repairs.
Why did you change your shirt?
(A) The shirt cost forty-five dollars.
(B) I don't have any change.
(C) Because I spilled coffee on it.
What was the movie about?
(A) It's about 6 p.m.
(B) He moved here last August.
(C) It was a western film.
I love my new job!
(A) I'm so happy to hear that.
(B) I've never been in love.
(C) I put it up above.
When did the doctor leave?
(A) She left at noon.
(B) The boat docked at 8 p.m.
(C) There was no one left.
Why hasn't this letter been typed?
(A) She's not my type.
(B) We didn't have time to type it.
(C) It's too little.
Who has a black ink pen?
(A) Here, you can use my pen.
(B) She opened a black book.
(C) Blacken the circles completely.
Were you born at home?
(A) No, I was born in a hospital.
(B) The barn is behind the house.
(C) No, I'm never bored at home.
What's for breakfast?
(A) It's usually at 6:30.
(B) We're having cold cereal and fruit.
(C) I'm hungry.
How many pages are in the book?
(A) He's six years of age.
(B) All the pages are white.
(C) There are about three hundred pages.
We're almost out of envelopes.
(A) Write the address on the front.
(B) He'll be out all day.
(C) I'll pick some up at the store this afternoon.
Who earned the most money last year?
(A) The money is earning interest.
(B) The manager earned the most.
(C) The students learned English last year.
When will dinner be served?
(A) The guests were served roast beef.
(B) We ate in the diner.
(C) It'll be served at 7:30.
Which bus should we take?
(A) Take the number 14 bus.
(B) We took the first one.
(C) He should talk to us.
Where are the stamps?
(A) The post office is closed.
(B) The stamps are in the top drawer.
(C) The letter was not stamped.
Why did you leave work so early?
(A) Because you worked so late.
(B) I'm always the first person here.
(C) I left early to go to the doctor.
What is your first chore today?
(A) I'm thirsty too.
(B) First, I'll open the mail.
(C) Today is a short workday.
How often do you take a vacation?
(A) I took one of them.
(B) Four to five times an hour.
(C) I take a vacation twice a year.
Whose coffee cup is this?
(A) That cup is his.
(B) This is good coffee.
(C) Yes, I like coffee.
Will we be on time?
(A) Yes, actually we're early.
(B) No, I don't have a watch.
(C) No, he came at 4:30.
How well do you speak Chinese?
(A) She's feeling better.
(B) I know only a few words.
(C) We love Chinese food.
Why didn't you study for the test?
(A) They're good students.
(B) Because it was a test.
(C) I was too tired to study.
What are they going to do tomorrow?
(A) They're playing golf now.
(B) They plan to stay home tomorrow.
(C) He said he'll go the day after.
Where's the ticket counter?
(A) She counted five tickets.
(B) I lost my ticket.
(C) It's on the ground floor.
What's for lunch?
(A) Around the corner.
(B) At noon.
(C) Beef and noodles.
The weather report said rain all weekend.
(A) Then we'll have to cancel our plans for the beach.
(B) The trains don't run on the weekend.
(C) I'll finish the report soon.
How many movies do you see each month?
(A) I'll see that movie next month.
(B) I moved overseas.
(C) About four. I usually go once a week.
Which chair is more comfortable?
(A) You should put the chair next to the table.
(B) The brown chair is very comfortable.
(C) We don't care any more.
I need to mail this package to California.
(A) There are some letters on your desk.
(B) I can take it to the post office for you.
(C) We already packed our suitcases.
Who rented the apartment upstairs?
(A) The renters moved out.
(B) There are stairs in the apartment.
(C) A young couple rented it.

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Sanabila, Updated at: 1/29/2017