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Kumpulan soal dan jawaban Question-Respons TOEIC Test Part 1

Kumpulan soal dan jawaban Question-Respons TOEIC Test Part 1
Kumpulan soal dan jawaban Question-Respons TOEIC Test Part 1

Kali ini sanabila.com akan membahas tentang Kumpulan Kumpulan soal dan jawaban Question-Respons TOEIC Test. Hal ini untuk menambah kemampuan dan melatih kebiasaan para peserta dalam menjawab pertanyaan-pertanyaan TOEIC. kumpulan soal ini juga dapat diperuntukkan untuk latihan dengan disesuaikan dengan tips dan trik yang sudah dibahas sebelumnya.

Pada kumpulan soal ini akan dibagi menjadi 5 (lima) bagian, yaitu :
Pada setiap bagian kumpulan soal tersebut akan ada 30 soal beserta jawaban. Untuk lebih lengkapnya silahkan klik link diatas.

Pada tes TOEIC yang sesungguhnya, anda hanya dapat mendengarkan baik soal maupun tiga pilihan jawaban yang akan dibacakan lansung oleh audio. Dilembar soal anda hanya akan tertulis "mark your answer on your answer sheet". 

Berikut ini adalah beberapa kumpulan soal dan jawaban yang ada pada salah satu bagian dari Listening Comprehension Pada tes TOEIC yaitu tes Question-Respons part 1 yang terdiri dari soal no 1-30.
Where is the meeting room?
(A) To meet the new director.
(B) It’s the first room on the right.
(C) Yes, at two o’clock.
Did you make a dinner reservation?
(A) I prefer fish.
(B) Flight 261 to Osaka.
(C) Yes, it’s at 7 o’clock.
Who takes the packages to the post office?
(A) Turn left at the corner.
(B) Martin usually does it.
(C) No, I didn’t.
This software is difficult to use, isn’t it?
(A) Yes, it’s very complicated.
(B) Yes, I often wear it.
(C) No, but she used to.
Why don’t you have a seat while you wait?
(A) Two in the same row, please.
(B) It didn’t weigh very much.
(C) Thanks, I think I will.
They’ve reduced the price of these cameras.
(A) Then let’s go ahead and buy one.
(B) I don’t think we’ve been introduced.
(C) I never win anything.
Do you speak Italian?
(A) No, but I’d like to start classes.
(B) Rome is an amazing city.
(C) Yes, I did. I hear you are fluent.
Did you send a full team, or just john ?
(A) I sent it to you, not John.
(B) One person would not have been enough.
(C) I’ll decide about that later
This program is difficult to use, isn’t it?
(A) No, but it used to.
(B) Yes. Change the channel.
(C) Yes, it’s quite complex.
They’ve introduced a new rule.
(A) Then we should follow it.
(B) Since last January.
(C) They had reduced it.
Good morning, John. How are you?
(A) I am fine, thank you.
(B) I am in the living room.
(C) My name is John.
Ms. Morikawa has worked here for a long time, hasn’t she?
(A) At three o’clock.
(B) No, I’ve lost my watch.
(C) More than ten years.
Which of these papers has a wider circulation?
(A) The morning edition.
(B) Get more exercise.
(C) By messenger.
Have you been to Paris before?
(A) No, they don’t have it.
(B) Only once, aboout five years ago.
(C) Yes, there are four of them.
Why don’t we get something to eat after the meeting?
(A) Because we are early.
(B) No, we don’t.
(C) That’s a good idea.
Has Mr. García given you an assignment, or can you help me for a while?
(A) I’m free all morning.
(B) Mr. García’s present was very nice.
(C) Yes, you can.
Where’s the new fax machine?
(A) Next to the water fountain.
(B) I’ll send a fax tomorrow.
(C) By Wednesday.
How well does Thomas play the violin?
(A) Sure, I really like it.
(B) Oh, he’s a professional.
(C) I’ll turn down the volume.
Martin, are you driving to the client meeting?
(A) Oh, would you like a ride?
(B) Nice to meet you, too.
(C) I thought it went well!
Mariko announced that she’s retiring in April.
(A) How many did you count?
(B) I’m not tired at all.
(C) Right, she’s been here twenty-five years.
Who cancelled the meeting?
(A) Peter enjoys attending meetings.
(B) The CEO is in a meeting.
(C) The manager did.
Who forgot to switch off the copy machine?
(A) George made coffee last.
(B) I need to copy a document.
(C) Probably the secretary.
Who called a cab?
(A) Mary is going to the airport.
(B) The cubs are playing with their mother.
(C) The taxi meter is running.
What’s the quickest way downtown?
(A) You’re a fast driver.
(B) Take the metro.
(C) The road’s under repair.
What did you expect?
(A) An apology.
(B) I’m expecting a phone call.
(C) It was unexpected.
When should we leave?
(A) Any minute now.
(B) I wanted it yesterday.
(C) It struck midnight.
When did he call?
(A) By the hour.
(B) For the time being.
(C) I can’t recall.
When was he told?
(A) Soon as he came in.
(B) Sooner or later.
(C) By the minute.
When’s your appointment?
(A) I was appointed an assistant.
(B) It’s been cancelled.
(C) Yes, I had an appointment.
Why haven’t you finished yet?
(A) I prefer it undone.
(B) He’s always on time.
(C) Too many things to do.

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