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Kumpulan soal dan jawaban Conversation TOEIC Test Part 1

Kumpulan soal dan jawaban Conversation TOEIC Test Part 1
Kumpulan soal dan jawaban Conversation TOEIC Test Part 1

Kali ini sanabila.com akan membahas tentang Kumpulan soal dan jawaban Conversation TOEIC Test. Hal ini untuk menambah kemampuan dan melatih kebiasaan para peserta dalam menjawab pertanyaan-pertanyaan TOEIC. Terutama untuk memahami percakapan antara dua orang atau lebih dengan menggunakan Bahasa Inggris. kumpulan soal ini juga dapat diperuntukkan untuk latihan dengan disesuaikan dengan tips dan trik yang sudah dibahas sebelumnya.
Pada kumpulan soal ini akan dibagi menjadi 5 (lima) bagian, yaitu :
  1. Kumpulan soal dan jawaban Conversation TOEIC Test Part 1
  2. Kumpulan soal dan jawaban Conversation TOEIC Test Part 2
  3. Kumpulan soal dan jawaban Conversation TOEIC Test Part 3
  4. Kumpulan soal dan jawaban Conversation TOEIC Test Part 4
  5. Kumpulan soal dan jawaban Conversation TOEIC Test Part 5
Pada setiap bagian kumpulan soal tersebut akan ada 28-33 soal beserta jawaban.

Pada tes TOEIC yang sesungguhnya, anda akan mendengarkan percakapan dua orang dan tidak tertulis dalam buku soal, sedangkan jawaban tertulis dalam buku soal. 

Berikut ini adalah beberapa kumpulan soal dan jawaban yang ada pada salah satu bagian dari Listening Comprehension Pada tes TOEIC yaitu tes Comprehension part 1 yang terdiri dari soal no 1-32.

Questions 1 through 3 refer to the following conversation
Woman : I think I’ll have to take the train to the regional sales meeting up in the city next week.
Man : Don’t you usually drive when you go to those meetings? I thought you didn’t like to take the train.
Woman : I don’t, but the highway’s being repaired, and I’m afraid I might be late if I have to make a detour through an area I don’t know very well.
Man :  You’re right. And it’ll be expensive to park up there, too.
Why is the woman going to the city?
(A) To attend a sale
(B) To go to a meeting
(C) To get her car repaired
(D) To go on a tour
How will she get there?
(A) By car
(B) By bus
(C) By train
(D) By airplane
What is the problem?
(A) The trains are often late.
(B) The meeting may be canceled.
(C) The tour is expensive.
(D) The roads are being fixed.

Questions 4 through 6 refer to the following conversation
MAN : I’ll be flying to the annual meeting in London next week.
WOMAN : I thought you said you were so terrified of flying that you’d rather walk! What about taking the train, or driving?
MAN : I don’t have the time to be on the road for hours with my schedule. Besides, the only time I ever drove in London, I got hopelessly lost.
WOMAN : I suppose you know best.
What are they discussing?
A Office schedules
B Weekend breaks
C Travel arrangements
D Her timetable
What will he do?
A Walk
B Go by plane
C Go by car
D Go by train
What can be inferred about the man?
A He is unfamiliar with the roads in London.
B He cannot drive very well.
C He does not want to attend the meeting.
D He never listens to her suggestions.

Questions 7 through 9 refer to the following conversation
WOMAN : Hello, this is Polly from JM Porters. I’m Mr. Jackson’s secretary, and I’m calling about some problems we’re having with our copier.
MAN : What exactly is wrong with it?
WOMAN : Well, it’s making copies very slowly and it keeps going into stand-by mode.
MAN : It doesn’t sound too serious – if you refer to the manual, you’ll see that in cases like these, you should just turn it off for 15 or 20 minutes so it can cool down. Failing that, we can have an engineer there within half an hour.
What is the man’s job?
A Secretary
B Call center employee
C Manager
D Engineer
What is the problem with the copier?
A It is not working fast enough.
B It does not turn on.
C It has been seriously damaged.
D It has no instruction manual.
How long will it take an engineer to
get there?
A More than 15 minutes
B Less than 20 minutes
C Less than 30 minutes
D More than 30 minutes

(Man) : We should think about finding another restaurant for lunch.
(Woman) : Why? The food and service here are great.
(Man) : Yes, but the prices are going up every week.
Why is this man unhappy with the restaurant?
(A) It is too noisy.
(B) It is too expensive.
(C) It is too crowded
(D) It is too difficult to find.

(Woman) : How was Dr. Borg’s recent trip to Singapore?
(Man) : She enjoyed the tour of the port very much.
(Woman) : They say it’s one of the most active in Asia.
What did Dr. Borg find interesting?
(A) The tourist center.
(B) The airport.
(C) The musical performance.
(D) The harbor.

(Man) : We’ll need to resurface this whole stretch.
(Woman) : Is that really necessary? We did this section last year.
(Man) : I know. The heavy traffic in this area has ruined it in no time at all.
Who are the speakers?
(A) Police officers.
(B) Physical therapists.
(C) Road engineers.
(D) Certified accountants.

Woman : Your monthly payment is several weeks overdue.
Man : I thought I had paid a month in advance. Perhaps it was delivered to the wrong address.
Woman : You’d better check your records again.
What is the man’s problem?
(A) His records are lost.
(B) His payment is late.
(C) He forgot his calendar.
(D) He went to the wrong address.

(Man) : I see you’ve enlarged the Wakefield factory.
(Woman) : Yes, starting this fiscal year we’ll be able to produce 800 cars a month.
(Man) : I imagine you’ll be hiring more people, right?
What are they discussing?
(A) New car models.
(B) Staff reductions.
(C) Plant capacity.
(D) Architectural designs.

Questions 15 through 17 refer to the following conversation.
(W-Am) : Hello. I’m calling about a coffee machine I purchased from your Web site. It stopped working even though I haven’t had it for very long. I expected it to last much longer than this.
(M-Au) : Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. Our warranty covers products for up to a year. Do you know when you bought it?
(W-Am) : I’ve had it for a little over a year, so the warranty has probably just expired. This is so disappointing.
(M-Au) : Well, I’ll tell you what we can do. Although we can’t replace it, since you’re a valued customer I can offer you a coupon for forty percent off your next purchase.
Why is the woman calling?
(A) To cancel an order
(B) To complain about a product
(C) To redeem a gift card
(D) To renew a warranty
What does the man ask the woman about?
(A) A model name
(B) A brand of coffee
(C) A catalog number
(D) A date of purchase
What does the man offer to do? 
(A) Provide a discount 
(B) Send a free sample 
(C) Extend a warranty 
(D) Issue a refund 

Questions 18 through 20 refer to the following conversation.
(M-Au) : Oh, hi Yolanda—I’m surprised to see you at the front desk this late. Don’t you usually work at the hotel in the morning?
(W-Am) : Actually, I’m going to be working the evening shift for a while; I’m covering for a front-desk supervisor who was just promoted, but only until the hotel hires a permanent replacement.
(M-Au) : Oh, so there’s a front-desk supervisor position open? I’ve been looking for a chance to take on a managerial role. Are they still accepting applications?
(W-Am) : Yes, and if you don’t mind working evening hours, I think you have a good chance at the job. I’d contact the manager right now, though—she’s starting interviews this week.
Where do the speakers work? 
(A) At a hotel 
(B) At a department store 
(C) At a restaurant 
(D) At a call center 
What does the man ask about? 
(A) How many people have applied for a promotion 
(B) If a manager is in the lobby 
(C) Whether a position is available 
(D) When new shifts will be assigned 
What does the woman say the man should be prepared to do? 
(A) Handle customer complaints 
(B) Work within a budget 
(C) Get to know local clients 
(D) Work evening hours 

Questions 21 through 23 refer to the following conversation With three speaker.
(M-Au)  : Have you two taken a look at the progress they’ve made upstairs on the office expansion? It looks great! 
(W-Am) : I know! //I can’t believe it!// And the offices up there have amazing views of the city. 
(M-Cn)  : I wonder which division will move up there when it’s finished. (W-Am) I heard it’s the research department. 
(M-Au)  : Ah, because they have the most people. (W-Am) Probably. I’d love to have an office on that floor, though. 
(M-Cn)   : Yeah. Well, the company must be making good money if they’re adding that space! 
(M-Au)  : I think you’re right, there!
What is the conversation mainly about? 
(A) An enlargement of office space 
(B) A move into a new market 
(C) An increase in staff numbers 
(D) A change in company leadership 
Why does the woman say, “I can’t believe it”? 
(A) She strongly disagrees. 
(B) She would like an explanation. 
(C) She feels disappointed. 
(D) She is happily surprised. 
What do the men imply about the company? 
(A) It was recently founded. 
(B) It is planning to adjust salaries. 
(C) It is in a good financial situation. 
(D) It has offices in other countries. 

Questions 24 through 26 refer to the following conversation and list.
(W-Br) : Larry, we have a new graphic designer starting next month and we’ll need to set her up with a laptop and extra monitor. Can you place orders for those? 
(M-Cn) : Sure. You know our vendor has raised their prices, right? 
(W-Br) : Really? 
(M-Cn) : Yes. I just looked at the catalog a few minutes ago, and their current models are more expensive. 
(W-Br) : Right. Well, our budget per work area is $1,000 maximum. So let’s order the system with the largest screen that falls within that price.
(M-Cn) : OK. I’ll take a look at the prices again and place the order.
Note : 11 Inches = $ 799; 13 Inches = $ 899; 15 Inches = $ 999; 17 Inches = $ 1.099
What does the woman ask the man to do? 
(A) Order some equipment 
(B) Find a new vendor 
(C) Repair a laptop 
(D) Contact a job candidate 
What problem does the man mention? 
(A) A designer has left the company. 
(B) A supplier has increased its prices. 
(C) A computer model has been discontinued. 
(D) A departmental budget has been reduced. 
Look at the graphic. What size screen will the man order? 
(A) 11 inches 
(B) 13 inches 
(C) 15 inches 
(D) 17 inches

Questions 27 through 29 refer to the following conversation
W : We need to hire a temporary assistant to help us with this project until our regular assistant fully recovers.
M : Yeah, it will take him at least 2 months till he’s able to return to his duties.
W : I know … that’s why I hate it when people around me become indispensable. It just makes me feel helpless sometimes.
M : In the meantime, why don’t we try finding someone from our staff to replace him? That way we’ll avoid the training period since all staff know, more or less, how things run around the office.
What is the problem with her assistant?
(A) He resigned
(B) He’s abroad.
(C) He’s on vacation.
(D) He’s sick.
What does the woman imply about her assistant?
(A) He is helpless.
(B) He needs to be retrained.
(C) He’s an efficient employee.
(D) He used to be a hard-worker.
What are they planning to do?
(A) Allocate work to other employees.
(B) Fire the old assistant.
(C) Hire a second assistant.
(D) Hire a temporary assistant.

Questions 30 through 32 refer to the following conversation
M : When did you say you are going on that business trip again?
W : Well, I’m leaving on Wednesday evening, but I won’t be back until Tuesday.
M : The conference is on for two days isn’t it?
W : Well, yes, but since my husband is coming with me this time, we thought we’d take Monday off and spend the weekend by Lake Como near Milan. We’ve heard so many good things about it, and with my new position we haven’t had the chance to go on vacation in the last couple of years.
How many days will she be away from work?
(A) 1 day
(B) 2 days
(C) 3 days
(D) 4 days
When is the conference?
(A) Wednesday and Thursday
(B) Thursday and Friday
(C) Saturday and Sunday
(D) Sunday and Monday
What can be inferred about the woman?
(A) She likes sightseeing.
(B) She’s been very busy lately.
(C) She’s set up her own company.
(D) She was unemployed.

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